TL Mission Statement

Conceived in a environment where creativity gets dampened like a divot. Truths and Lies represents those that enjoy golf from every walk of life and say "I Play" or "I haven't played in a while" to "I suck at golf." We aim to break that mold and embrace the very concept of how golfers dream to play scratch, by offering styles and looks that appropriately define a leisure sport on and off the course.


A lifestyle brand for on and off the golf course.

Currently in it's freshman season, Truths & Lies brand is intended for anyone who plays competitively to those who truly hack at the ball or anywhere in between. Truths & Lies is pushing pop culture onto the fairways and greens with trendy fits and tongue-in-cheek graphics. Recommended to sport at the driving range, firing range or in your Range Rover, Truths & Lies speaks to every level of golf. wink wink.  


What's in a name?

"Truths and Lies" is a play on words. In golf, where the ball lands and rests after being hit by a club, is called a "lie." It is inevitable that someday you'll meet or play with another golfer who will in fact lie about his or her score. This common action is best known by taking a mulligan or two... Therefore there are "truths and lies" in the game of golf.